Division 1
3 to 7 years
Saturday 9.00 to 10.30 2nd Feb Head Coach Hayley Milburn
Coach Melissa Leslie
Cadet Coach Natalie Hackett
Division 1
10 years and under
Saturday 12.00 to 2.30  2nd Feb Head Coach Caitlin Chandler
Coach Shauna Carter
Cadet Coach Matilda Williams
Division 2
13 years and under
Thursday 5.00 to 8.00  7th Feb Head Coach Catherine Phillips
Coach Caitlin Chandler
Champ Reserve
17 years and under
Monday 5.00 to 8.00  4th Feb Head Coach Catherine Phillips
Coach Shauna Carter
Cadet Coach Emma Keenan
Champ Reserve
16 years and over
Tuesday 6.45 to 10.00  5th Feb Head Coach Elise Fraser
Coach Karen Beer
Coach Kellie Jones                      
Specialist Coach Hannah Beer

Class Attendance

Attendance of class is required once a week on the specified day and time as listed above.

If, for some reason you cannot attend a class, you must inform your Co-Ordinator as soon as possible.


Each section will have two class representatives, an Administrative Co-Ordinator and a Costume Co-0rdinator.  Please see these people for any queries you may have.


Please ensure your child is dressed in leotards and hair must be tied back.  Footless tights are optional but a good idea for winter.  A cross-over can be worn in the colder months. From Sub-Junior’s onwards if purchasing a new leotard black is required.

Please ensure your child brings their Rod, Clubs (Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors) and Aesthetic skirt to class each week. Rods & Clubs are hired each year through the College.  Aesthetic Skirts are to be individually purchased.  Along with these, the children may bring a healthy snack and water to have at a designated time assigned by the coach.

Please ensure your child knows they are not to leave the hall by themselves at anytime.

Viewing of Classes

To ensure distractions are kept to a minimum and to provide the optimum environment for your child’s training and development viewing of classes is not permitted.  Specific class viewing times will be provided throughout the year.  These will be advised by the coaches.

Please keep noise minimal and siblings (if it is necessary to bring them) as quiet as possible at this time.
Please do not interrupt class to speak with the coaches.
Please see them after the class if necessary.